More than 30 years of experience in warehouse management

Our main focus in the supply chain has always been on internal logistics. Traditional areas of application include incoming goods, storage and retrieval operations, production provision, feedback from manufacturing steps, inventories, order picking and loading. We have been supporting existing ERP systems such as SAP and other warehouse management systems with software solutions and scanner apps since the last millennium. Using our experience, we have also developed our own modular warehouse management system.

Industry 4.0 in the supply chain

Many companies and large corporations still use paper-based processes. Even when scanners are used in order picking, allocating the transport orders that have been scanned is often a manual process. Intelligent solutions are needed here to enable work to be completely digitalised and paperless. As an extension to the SAP Warehouse Management module, we have developed the RCOM TA Cockpit for this purpose which can automatically group, filter and allocate transport orders in SAP so that employees always automatically receive the next order.

As a technology, RFID is one of the main drivers towards automatable solutions. With our portfolio of RFID solutions, we are a leader in the area of logistics and production and can provide you with competent support.

Practical solutions

No one is helped by trying to force standardised processes into an operation in which the procedure is more of a hindrance than a help. Often, rigid software solutions with enforced work processes are more of a hassle for employees and can in the worst case lead to reduced efficiency and input errors if they are generally rejected.

As a specialist in supply chain solutions, we know that for 10 different companies that use SAP as their software, no one company will use exactly the same process as any of the others. There is also no corporation that exists which does not use Z tables, their own transactions and other particular features within their data processing, even if everyone is talking about the “SAP standard”. A similar situation can be observed in other ERP solutions.

Here in particular, it is important that supporting software – such as apps for scanners – is precisely tailored to the operating procedures in order to ensure maximum efficiency and minimise errors. With our RCOM mobile framework, we combine the standard templates with a designer tool in order to be able to quickly map precisely these special features – effectively creating standardised software that is as flexible as an individual development.

Standard software for warehouse management

In our many years of experience, we have seen many ERP and warehouse management systems and have linked scanners, printers and other devices to these systems via interfaces. We have also developed hundreds of individual solutions for our customers, meaning that we have created a veritable smorgasbord of modules for warehouse management over the years. So we bundled everything together in an independent WMS and equipped it with a modern web interface and scanner as well as RFID support.

The advantage for you is a streamlined basic solution which can be expanded with additional modules. This way you won’t pay for functions you don’t need, but you always have the option to implement more complex procedures as required.

Hardware for Auto ID

Logistics processes also require hardware for digitalisation, of course. We are a premium reseller and service partner for Zebra, the market leader in the Auto ID sector, and we can offer, commission and support the following products:

  • Printers and RFID printers from large to small, depending on daily volumes
  • Mobile, portable printers
  • Applicators and printing units, including with RFID
  • Labels, ink ribbons, RFID transponders
  • Handheld scanners and stationary barcode scanners
  • Handheld scanners with barcode, camera and RFID functionality
  • Stationary RFID reading devices and antennae 

Apps for handheld scanners and smartphones

RCOM mobile gives you access to a range of templates that you can connect to your ERP or WMS. As many warehouse management systems offer little support and flexibility in this respect, many of our customers use apps for SAP or other systems that have been adapted to the process with the help of the designer tool.


There is, of course, complete app support for our warehouse management system RCOM WMS, which can also be adapted according to your requirements.