Workshops with a practical orientation

Our project managers have many years of experience working with supply chains, production, logistics, barcodes and RFID across a wide range of industries. We can use this wealth of expertise to hold 1 or 2-day workshops at your premises to present and discuss the feasibility and applications of various technologies, best practices and solutions for your problems. The immediate benefit is documentation that shows concrete solution options and budget plans. 

RFID know-how

As one of the leading providers for RFID solutions in the German-speaking world, we have extensive expert knowledge of a wide range of application areas which we can make available to you through workshops and feasibility studies. 

RFID pilot installations

Depending on the usage scenario in an RFID use case, we can also implement a pilot study at your premises using the appropriate test equipment. The requirements, scope and objectives of the pilot study are generally defined in a workshop. Depending on the duration and scope of the test, we can also provide complete RFID gates and reading stations as rented equipment.

The RCOM Gateway software can also be used as a test version for demonstration purposes with options for evaluation. So-called stand-alone solutions are often used for pilot studies, wherein servers or simple local laptops are used as the host without an ERP connection. This is because integration into SAP, for example, represents a major effort and is often only required when the production operation is commissioned.

Our RFID services at a glance

Frequency selectionProof Of ConceptInterface implementation
Selection of Tags/LabelsProcess flowsPilot / Rollout
Hardware selectionEncoding schemesMaintenance concept