RFID tags as a guarantor for an original product

RFID labels or hard tags can be attached such that they are either concealed or clearly visible on products. As a rule, these have special coding to protect against counterfeiting. For maximum security, the unalterable and individual tag ID (serialised ID) is stored on a database server. Authenticity queries then compare EPC and TID with the database and can also query the stored hashes in the user memory. The RFID labels can also be manufactured in such a way that they cannot be physically removed without destroying the chip. Alternatively, there are also versions which permanently set a location in the memory to “has been opened” – the tag will continue to be usable, but there is evidence that the label has been removed.

Data Elektronik has experience in HF, NFC and UHF technologies, for example in mechanical engineering, motorsports or the fine art trade. We are also working closely together with RFID label manufacturers such as the Schreiner Group to establish a tamper-proof solution for your application.  

Software to protect you against counterfeiting

We recommend the use of our RFID middleware RCOM Gateway for the centralised coding and creation of RFID labels as well as readings on stationary readers such as RFID gates. For example, if machines are to check raw materials, intermediate products or auxiliary materials for originality. Often, however, it is necessary for the customer or a user in the external area to check whether the part in question is an original or not. In such cases, we can use our RCOM mobile framework for mobile applications to create appropriate apps based on existing applications. NFC tags in particular are also ideally suited to be read with conventional smartphones and do not require expensive reading devices to be procured, as is the case when UHF technology is used.

Complete range of accessories

All of the equipment and consumable materials that are required as a supplier can be provided by Data Elektronik. This includes:

  • RFID printers and/or applicators
  • RFID labels and carbon ribbons
  • RFID reading devices for automated readouts
  • Apps for mobile handhelds or smartphones
  • Software for the creation of RFID print jobs and interfaces
  • Software for centralised data management of your products with EPCs, TIDs and coding instructions
  • Integration of the complete solution into your production/assembly lines