Zebra premium partner with service authorisation

Since the beginning of our company history we have been active in printing systems and have set industry standards with coax interfaces for IBM machines. Today, we are a premium partner of market leader Zebra for label printers and, thanks to our ZASP (Zebra Service Authorised Partner) status, we are able to carry out repairs on printers within warranty periods. Our nation-wide service network of trained technical personnel can carry out maintenance and repairs for you on site. Our Sales department can provide you with competent advice on which solution is appropriate for you.

RFID printing and printing as a service

As an RFID specialist, we can of course also provide you with RFID printers and printing units to suit your needs. We also have modified versions of the Zebra RFID printers in our product range which are capable of processing thick, on-metal labels without any errors. This development was carried out in consultation with Zebra using the R110Xi4 and has continued with the successor model from the ZT600 series. These are only available from Data Elektronik.

We also offer on-demand printing services for traditional labels and RFID labels with coding in accordance with customer specifications. You can send us the desired layout and the data to be printed via Excel and we will do the rest for you. We use our in-house software RCOM LabelPrint to process the print jobs, and you can also obtain this software for independent printing.

Applicators for series production

Label printing – whether barcode or RFID – is an important component of most production lines and packaging processes today. These are often applied manually, i.e. there is a printer at the assembly or packaging line and employees remove each label and attach it directly. Many processes allow for automated labelling, however: for example a packaging system that weighs pallets, wraps them in film and then prints and applies a shipping label. We can also provide applicators and support for this process.

Particularly in the current environment with the introduction of RFID labels in series production within the automotive industry, we can help you out with RFID printing units suitable for applicators such as the Zebra ZE500R.

Printing software and print servers

As a printing specialist, we have decades of experience with the requirements of printing processes. This includes dynamic label layout design, printer management, print job assignment that is managed via rules, RFID print job generation and many other services. Our RCOM LabelPrint is the perfect solution for all your label printing needs.

For specific requirements, we have also developed dedicated software that is tailor-made precisely for each use case. This includes our RCOM VDA 4994 software, which can be used to create global transport labels – i.e. the VDA goods labels with RFID – for current projects such as the H56/Jawor at Daimler. Or RCOM VDA 5509, to create RFID labels for components in pre-series or series production – for example for Porsche, VW, Audi or BMW. 

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Advanced Printer Repair Specialist - Print Engine

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