Mobility means digitalisation

Every company has a large number of processes that have to be carried out by its employees. These include goods movements, record keeping, document entry, storage, communication, maintenance, planning, design and manufacturing, to name but a few. Each industry has different requirements as to which processes can be meaningfully captured by employees on the move. For the most part, this applies to all processes that are still paper-based. And in nearly all sectors, digitalisation can increase efficiency, minimise errors and provide the information needed for decisions based on real-time data.

Whether it is an RFID or a barcode, mobile devices and the corresponding apps are the key factors for transparent process sequences and the drivers of digitalisation.

Sector-independent areas of application

Every company of a certain size has processes that take place on the move and that can be digitised. Our clients can be found in the following sectors, among others:

  • Transport & logistics
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Automotive, both end customers and suppliers
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Banking
  • The energy industry
  • Hospitals
  • The aerospace industry
  • Institutional facilities in Germany and the EU

A premium partner of leading manufacturers

It is important that the hardware that you select is suitable for your requirements. Acceptance by employees is undervalued in many digitalisation projects. If many characters have to be entered, then an alpha-numeric keyboard is often preferred over the on-screen keyboard. Is the process more manageable with a pistol grip or smartphone ergonomics, or is a ring scanner on the finger the better choice? If RFID is used in the future, then a combined device can be acquired in order to avoid the unnecessary replacement of hardware. Is Wi-Fi sufficient or do mobile networks also have to be supported for external warehouses? Are long-range scanner engines required for high-rack storage or will the standard range be sufficient? There are thousands of different combinations and every barcode solution differs in at least one detail. As an expert in data recording systems, we can not only provide you with competent advice – we can also provide you with the best prices and service as a premium partner for manufacturers, so that you receive the support you need in the event of a problem.

Standard apps with designer for adaptations

Our RCOM mobile framework allows you to use apps with standard templates while remaining flexible thanks to our designer tool. With more than 30 years of experience programming mobile handheld scanners, we can draw on a corresponding repertoire of applications. We have developed templates for the following scenarios, among others:

  • Stocktaking as an annual or continuous inventory (barcode/RFID)
  • Movement of goods such as incoming goods, order picking, packing processes and loading (barcode/RFID)
  • Production posting and provisions (barcode/RFID)
  • Asset recording and transfers (barcode/RFID)
  • Localisation of components, orders or load carriers (RFID)
  • Recording of maintenance or service operations (barcode/RFID)
  • Patient tracking and follow-up orders (barcode/RFID)
  • Consignment warehouse and recording for your customers (barcode/RFID)
  • Tool provision/rental to employees (barcode/RFID)
  • In-house parcel tracking (barcode/RFID)
  • Collection of samples and measured values at external monitoring sites (barcode/RFID)

Experts in mobility

Partner of market leading device manufacturers

Portable Apps without need of re-implementation

RFID, 1D/2D Scanning, Image capture, Signature on touch

Established Framework with Designer SDK

Apps are OS independent

Integration in your ERP system

Apps customizable to your process work flow and system

Templates for all Supply Chain related use cases

More than 30 years of experience programming rugged mobile computers