Connection to H56

The potential of RFID was economically evaluated at an automotive manufacturer in Stuttgart and successfully piloted in 2017/2018. During the pilot phase, Data Elektronik was selected as the only partner to implement the requirements at the suppliers.

In 2019, the automotive manufacturer is planning to integrate the suppliers into H56 and has now published the requirements for everyone and recommended Data Elektronik as a technology supplier.

Premier Partner of Zebra

We will provide you with the appropriate RFID printer for your solution in cooperation with the market leader Zebra – we are Zebra’s preferred system partner. This means that we will be able to offer you the best prices for Zebra products.

Several solution concepts

Data Elektronik offers suppliers several different versions for implementation, allowing requirements to be fulfilled while suppliers can avoid having to develop the RFID programming in-house and the accompanying costs.

A Europe-wide distributor for RFID labels

In collaboration with Confidex, Data Elektronik is the selected European distributor for all required master and single labels. This means that we are able to offer you the best prices. Prices have fallen dramatically since Daimler began tendering. Take advantage of this situation and get in contact with us to obtain an up-to-date offer for RFID master and kanban labels!

The PrintBox solution

Suppliers require no ERP integration to use the RCOM VDA 4994 PrintBox. The existing printing process changes only marginally. The PrintBox functions like previous printers. It receives the print data stream, provides it with the necessary RFID coding and then transmits it automatically to the RFID-capable printer. The printer than prints out the desired VDA label. This means that the supplier does not have to change anything about their ERP system.

The server solution

The RCOM VDA 4994 Server software solution for the independent printing and coding of labels has already been successfully used by suppliers in the pilot phase. Thanks to the integrated interfaces, the solution can be connected to the supplier’s ERP systems with ease. The benefit here is flexibility. While the PrintBox must always be connected upstream of a printer as hardware, the software can be used to contact an unlimited number of printers. This provides cost benefits through the use of several printers, in addition to a higher level of process security.

Sending information material and quotations

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RFID Pioneer and market leader for suppliers

Specialist for RFID system integration and leading integrator due to being involved in development and pilot phase

Supplier of all Hard- and Software components required with heavy cooperation of automotive manufacturer and being Zebra Authorized Service Partner for the Hardware

Supplier of RFID equipment and market leader for automotive suppliers since introducing world-wide first transparent prototpye 2012 with Porsche and MHP