DE Gate

Saving costs mean using intelligent and expensive features only where necessary. Those are automated direction detection, light sensor triggers, LiDAR sensors, filtering static (i.e. not moving) and dynamic (i.e. moving) objects, signal lights, monitor displays and so on. We can create your custom solution with a perfect fit to your use case - and for a good price.

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All RFID gates require at least one RFID reader and some antennas. Bulk readings in shape of a door (hence "Gate") usually require 2 or 4 antennas to read from both sides. There are also antenna options from above or below - floor antennas which can withstand the weight of a truck. Antenna selection, count, placement and angles all depend heavily on the objects that shall be tracked. So we developed frames for most use cases and are flexible with mounts and width and length of the total gate to ensure a maximum of flexibility.

Controlling all devices inside the gate, we can deliver our state-of-the-art RCOM Gateway Agent, installed on a server VM or a local industrial PC or raspberry. This agent is responsible for higher intelligence a single RFID reader cannot deliver, if needed. Parts of those are:

  • Light sensors and optical triggers
  • LiDAR sensors for
    • Detection of movement direction
    • Differentiation of passing objects (e.g. forklift/human)
    • Speed measurement
  • Detection of movement direction by RSSI filter algorithms
  • Controlling external devices, e.g.
    • Signal lights
    • SPS Interfaces for machines (Modbus/TCP etc)
    • Printers and applicators
  • Interfaces to Backend systems as
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The RFGS Pro (Radio Frequency Gate System) track and trace system is ideal for optimizing processes in the supply chain process. It is a flexible, intelligent solution specifically for goods receipt and goods issue in logistics. The system consists of interrogators for RFID identification, a central controller with an integrated allocation algorithm, and a 2D laser scanner for object, speed and direction detection. RFID tags can be uniquely and remotely assigned at the gate. In addition, "false-positive reads" are suppressed without the need for any expensive licensed software. The industrial, rugged standard mechanics and installation wizards integrated in SOPAS software from SICK make simple, cost-effective commissioning on site possible.

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At a glance

  • Remotely assigns tags to objects and detects the direction of the moving object
  • Remotely distinguishes between moving and static tags and filters them for the host message
  • Distinguishes between pallet and person
  • Stand-alone gate with integrated controller
  • Central interface for all sensors via CAN and TCP/IP network
  • Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools
  • Parameter cloning of sensors via SD card

Fields of applications

  • Retail, logistics, storage and automotive industries
  • Goods receipt and goods issue (GR/GI) control when loading and unloading trucks
  • General production logistics, e.g., for batch control
  • Detection of vessels in a group during container management
  • Transfer points in production and warehouse logistics
  • Carrier detection
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Siemens Arrow Gate

The ARROW GATE is a modular, standardized system solution for the bulk capturing of objects equipped with RFID tags. The control cabinet for the gate has a uniform, cost-efficient structure. Core components of the RFID gate are the SIMATIC RF650R RFID reader and the SIMATIC RF650A external antennas. The RFID gate control cabinet is also equipped with a industrial PC which evaluates the read events locally, and forwards qualified booking data onto higher-level middleware and/or enterprise systems by means of an XML interface. All connections can be plugged in on the exterior of the control panel. This allows easy replacement for servicing events, thus minimizing potential downtime.

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The filter software on the industrial PC enables the output of qualified, stored booking events for higher-level MES/ERP systems through reliable, bidirectional direction identification at the level of individual RFID tags. Inadvertent readings from static tags (goods stored in the immediate vicinity) or from goods passing nearby can be excluded. This removes the need for additional RF shielding areas on the sides of the Arrow Gates. The design concept makes it possible to replace hardware components within minutes in the event of damage – without the need for specialists. The configuration stored on the memory card is available again immediately after restart.

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