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Scanning & mobility is a main driver for digitalisation in your company. It is therefore important to be able to trust the experience of the experts. To trust that your software will allow you to work with the very latest technologies. Software that takes you from Windows Embedded to Android and iOS without you having to pay for any modifications and that will also lead you into the future.

Data Elektronik was one of the first companies to use the barcode commercially. We introduced the first barcode reader pen to customers and programmed the first DOS-based mobile scanner with 2-line display for individual customers. We have used our experience to develop a framework which generates apps that are always state of the art. We – and you – can use this to create or modify apps according to your needs, independent of the device manufacturer, operating system or ERP system and at minimal cost.

System architecture

The system architecture of RCOM mobile is completely modular, so almost all components in the diagram are optional. The RCOM mobile client is an essential element of any mobile app. Apps in the RCOM mobile framework use XML files, created by RCOM mobile designer, which describe an app and its logic process, independent of the operating system or device type. This means that the app can be run on all available clients – the mapping of the hardware API, e.g. control of the RFID or barcode engine as well as the creation and management of the graphic elements, is automatically taken over automatically by the client. The interfaces to backend systems are also swappable throughout the architecture. Even the server is optional when it comes to apps capable of running entirely offline and which require no interface – for example, simple apps which just read or write data from RFID tags.

RCOM mobile client

Over many years we have developed clients for hundreds of device models and we thus support all commonly used models from the leading hardware manufacturers. This includes in particular the new rugged Android handhelds, but traditional Android or iOS smartphones can also operate apps on the RCOM mobile framework. For many customers, the ability to support the Windows CE / Embedded or Windows Mobile platforms that are being phased out is relevant, primarily because an app created using RCOM mobile designer will function the same on all device types during the changeover phase. This would avoid the need to replace hundreds of devices at the same time – the changeover could instead be carried out gradually, resulting in cost savings.

RCOM mobile server

For most applications, a data interface to an ERP or another backend is required. Your can also store your own databases in the RCOM mobile framework, which can then be controlled by the apps. The server takes on the role as the central communication unit and forwards all queries from clients appropriately. The devices can also be assigned to groups, and particular users can be stored with separate rights. Apps created by RCOM mobile designer are stored centrally and forwarded to the clients – the devices update themselves automatically. For ease of administration, there is a modern web UI that can be used in all major browsers.

RCOM mobile designer

The creation of masks for incoming goods, inventories or other processes has never been easier than with RCOM mobile designer. Using this WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor, you can easily drag scanning fields, buttons, text fields and many other elements into your interface and define the behaviour of the app. What sets this editor apart is that you do not need to worry about the hardware at all. With the appropriate RCOM mobile client, your OnScan Action or OnNFC etc. will always be handled correctly. You can use the native barcode engine, the camera for photographs, the touch display for signatures, the RFID engine for readouts or descriptions of tags, GPS for location detection and Bluetooth for controlling mobile printers. In addition, any number of languages can be defined via the project properties and you can switch conveniently between the different languages in the display via a toggle function. From simple to highly complex, every process can be mapped with the RCOM mobile designer. 


We have connected more than 100 different ERP, MES and WMS systems with the RCOM mobile framework. Although our SAP interfaces can be used in most cases, the flexibility to use other backend systems is an important criteria for a considerable number of our customers. The following interface options are available, among others:

  • SAP remote function call modules (RFC) and BAPIs
  • SAP IDoc
  • SAP WebServices
  • SQL databases (including ODBC)
  • Webservices (XML/SOAP, JSON)
  • File interfaces (e.g. CSV, XML, etc.)
  • Email
  • FTP and SFTP

Examples of industry sectors

Our clients can be found in the following sectors, among others:


  • Transport & logistics
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Automotive, both end customers and suppliers
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Banking
  • The energy industry
  • Hospitals
  • The aerospace industry
  • Institutional facilities in Germany and the EU

Examples of app templates

We have developed templates for the following scenarios, among others:


  • Stocktaking as an annual or continuous inventory (barcode/RFID)
  • Movement of goods such as incoming goods, order picking, packing processes and loading (barcode/RFID)
  • Production posting and provisions (barcode/RFID)
  • Asset recording and transfers (barcode/RFID)
  • Localisation of components, orders or load carriers (RFID)
  • Recording of maintenance or service operations (barcode/RFID)
  • Patient tracking and follow-up orders (barcode/RFID)
  • Consignment warehouse and recording for your customers (barcode/RFID)
  • Tool provision/rental to employees (barcode/RFID)
  • In-house parcel tracking (barcode/RFID)
  • Collection of samples and measured values at external monitoring sites (barcode/RFID)

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